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Mindset for success

Quality and passion go hand in hand. This is what we believe in, being far from your average outsourcing- and project management agency.

Where others hire people mostly based on skill, we like to go beyond that. We value a positive attitude, being solution-driven and above all, a passion for your profession.

We call that having grit, a powerful drive to deliver and rock at what you do.

This is the type of professional we love at GRITT, and the sort we like to see spread into the world. After all, our clients deserve some of that grit most of all. Wouldn’t you think so?

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Your one-stop shop for technical consultancy. These experts thrive in the fields of industry, construction, energy, inspection, digital and pharmaceutical. Over 450 professionals are standing ready to bring their grit to your table.

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Whenever something is working properly, you can bet a great technician put it all together. Logi-technic is known for its solid track record of reliable personnel and great projects, with a strong focus on growth and personal development. Most of all, they’re a cool crowd of people in a Great Place To Work (2019). Care to say hi?

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Bonjour! At ETA, everyone is of one mind when it comes to the deployment of infrastructure networks. In fact, they’ve been successfully doing so in the French energy- and telecom industries since 1973. Even today, everyone remains hungry for success by delivering top-notch global and innovative engineering solutions.

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GRITT Projects

GRITT Projects

GRITT Projects offers engineering and construction services for the design, construction and maintenance of European telecommunications- and utility network infrastructure projects. GRITT Projects had a broad focus, ranging from both mobile and fixed telecommunications network infrastructure to Smart city and indoor coverage solutions.

Today’s digital age is shaped by the growing number of communications devices, the Internet of Things and increased data volumes. These challenges require a steady flow of innovative upgrades for any telecom network infrastructure, something GRITT Projects is more than a match for.


First of all

If you been reading up to this point - and recognize yourself in GRITT’s story - we have good news for you. We’re always on the lookout for talent. Are you nodding right now? Great!

We believe the right attitude makes all the difference in the world. Skills can be taught or improved, but passion is where you can show true grit. It’s the foundation of a can-do approach to any challenge and overall positive thinking.

At home in the House

We’re not that unique in our people-first game if that’s what you’re thinking by now. We’re part of the House Of HR-network, an impressive myriad of forward-thinking companies. Dubbed the Happy Rebels, all of our 500 offices across Europe share an eye for powerful people – the grit is our own angle though.

Enough about us, what about you? We can’t wait to hear your story, and what part we might have to play in it.

This industry doesn’t lack tradition, time to add innovation to the mix